Launchpad 2020

200+ applicants. 23 teams.  8 finalists. So much raw talent.

We've dreamed up Launchpad to support and facilitate great ventures - but its success has surpassed our wildest dreams. 2020 was our best year yet, we drove a huge growth in applications, raised in corporate sponsorship, and grew a mentor pool of 30+ amazing mentors. Putting LBS Launchpad is on its way to becoming the most prestigious and well-known pre-accelerator program in London.

Read on to learn about our workshops and meet our great innovators for 2020.

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A taste of our workshops:

MVPs and Risk management


Unit economics

w/ Growth & Company

Design thinking

w/ Frog Design

Pitch deck construction

w/ Cognition X

Great workshops light your bulb?

Our Finalists

Versed AI

Versed AI uses Natural Language Processing technology to map multi-tiered supply chains by extracting buyer-supplier relationships from text documents.


By using insect-based sources of protein, PawPaw aims to curb the environmental impact of livestock farming without compromising on the nutritional needs of the pet.


Amana is organizing the world’s skincare information for hyper-personalized and quick product discovery.


Mastersome is the next generation of management consulting, creating a business model that is fit for the digital age.

Peak Power

Peak Power developing a software platform that will enable residential homeowners to optimize the design and operation of their solar + battery systems.


BrainHack is an upcoming startup that uses technology and science-based hacks to create learning experiences that are easily digestible and memorable.


Reko provides only with recommendations from people that you choose to follow, mainly your friends and, if you’d like, some social influencers.


Alchemy is an app with simple yet powerful daily exercises that spark your curiosity, stretch your imagination and strengthen your creativity.

Our Cohort

Real-Time Navigation




Urban InfraXtructure

Zergjet UK Ltd.

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