Do I need a business idea to apply?

Ultimately only individuals or teams with an idea can be admitted to the full program.

BUT many of our founders will be looking for collaborators and co-founders to balance out their teams. If you have skills that you think would benefit a founder, register your interest above!

What is the time commitment?

Launchpad is a part-time program and workshops take place most weeks from February - May. Each workshop is 2-3 hours and take place in the evening, usually starting at 7pm. Most workshops will require some pre-work. In addition to the workshops there will be two longer demo evenings where teams present their ideas to potential collaborators and investors.

I am already working on an idea, is Launchpad for me?

We accept participants who have already started to work on their idea so long as they are still in the early stages (e.g. developing their business plan, but pre-MVP). We do not currently accept businesses that have already received start-up capital.

Does it cost anything?

LBS Launchpad is entirely free and the program takes no equity from the businesses that participate.

Who can apply?

Everyone. Whether you are a student or a professional, from the LBS community or not, you are welcome to apply to the program.