A few words from past cohort members:

Launchpad provided us the opportunity to refine our idea, access crucial mentorship to help shape our views during the early days, and lended credibility to the project. […] it validated our concept and boosted us to the next stage in pursuing the venture
— Dimitri, Co-Founder @ Haseed
Launchpad helped us form our team and gain clarity on our mission. We started with a broad goal - too broad! - and the Launchpad workshops and pitch sessions helped us refine our idea and gain valuable feedback on where to take it. The program also added structure to an otherwise freeform goal.
— Mauricio Coindreau, Collaborator @ Ocean Bottle
Launchpad helped me create my team - find my co-founder. I have such a hectic schedule, but the program gave me the momentum I needed to push the idea forward and I achieved my desired objectives much faster than I would have done otherwise. The mentors I was introduced to each provided valuable feedback that was incorporate directly into our business plan. Finally, the final pitch proved to be extremely valuable clearly revealing the gaps investors saw in our business.
— Nina Brener-Hellmund, Co-Founder @ GearUp

Startup Spotlight

 The Ocean Bottle, founded by Will Pearson and Nick Doman, launched on Kickstarter in Nov 2018, follow their journey below.